It would be easy for us to sit here and write about all the successes we have had over the years, but sometimes pictures say a thousand words. Here is a selection of various filming projects that we have been directly involved with.

First Ever Ford Raptor TV Advert
Ford Australia
Holden Colorado - Not to be Outdone
Nissan X Trail - TV Commercial Ad
ISUZU MU-X Launch film. Shot and directed by Mark Toia. Zoom Film & Television Australia - 2014.
Toyota Cliff Diver commercial
Subaru NZ
Hankook "Be One With It" TV commerical
Subaru NZ "Confidence in Motion" TV commerical
A Selection of Other Productions We Have Been Involved In

2014: ISUZU MU-X Launch film. Shot and directed by Mark Toia. Zoom Film & Television Australia: 

August 2013: New Toyota Australia Camry Commercial:

August 2013: All-new Holden Malibu - 'Your mid-size escape' TV Ad 

May 2013: BMW X5 2014 - Highlights

2012 Toyota Cliff Diver commercial:

2011 Mazda TV commerical:

2011 Toyota Corolla Canada TV commerical:

2011 Z Energy TV commerical:

2011 Hankook "Be One With It" TV commerical:

2011 Toyota NZ 2012 Hilux TV commerical: "Tougher Than You Can Imagine"

2011 Toyota Australia 2012 Hilux TV commerical: "Unbreakable"

2010 Magners TV commerical:

2010 VW "Milk Run" TV commerical:

2010 Lexus TV commercial:

2010 Subary Liberty TV commercial:

2010 Porsche Cayenne TV commercial:

2010 Stihl TV commerical:

2010 Nissan X Trail TV commerical:

2010 Hyundai i45 TV commerical:

Older... Toyota Hilux 'Bulls' TV commercial:

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