Picture Vehicles NZ has facilities in Queenstown, Cromwell and Auckland, and we can offer secure storage solutions while your production is taking place.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact Justin Marshall: justin@picturevehicles.co.nz .

Below is an overview of our three facilities:
Picture Vehicles Auckland Facilities (see image at top)

Picture Vehicles has recently opened its new premises in Auckland.

The building measures 30.5 x 20 meters (610 sq meters) or 100 x 65 feet (6500 sq feet) and is ideal for storing your picture cars as well as for use as a film studio.

We welcome your inspection!

The address is: 9 Felix Street, Penrose, Auckland (near Auckland International Airport).

Contact for Auckland premises: Mark Prowse (ph: +64 274 397900). 

Picture Vehicles Cromwell Facilities

The Cromwell facilities provide ample parking and storage space for your larger project.


The building measures 180m3

Picture Vehicles Queenstown Facilities

The Queenstown facilities were newly built early 2008.

They are located near Queenstown International Airport.

Vehicle Storage Auckland
Vehicle Storage Cromwell
Vehicle Storage Queenstown